Gestures of the Spirit @ Cinecittàdue Arte Contemporanea

Rome, 1st February - 30th March 2014

‘Playing music is like making love.
The act is always the same, but each time it’s different’

Arthur Rubinstein

The Cinecittà Arte Contemporanea gallery continues its series of great exhibitions and, after Mario Giacomelli, Federico Fellini, Tazio Sacchairoli and Roman Polanski, proposes Gestures of the Spirit by Marco Anelli. The exhibition is curated by Giovanna Calvenzi with the patronage of Santa Cecilia National Academy.

28 large format photographs that portay the major interpreters of international classical music, worldly famous directors and musicians such as: Antonio Pappano, Leonidas KavaKos, Lang Lang, Radu Lupu, Gustavo Dudamel, Christoph Eschembach, Yuri Termirkanov, Martha Argerich, Maurizio Pollini, Uto Ughi, Christian Zacharias, Kent Nagano, Mitsuko Uchida, George Pretre, Mario Brunello, Vladimir Ashkenazy.

The real subject of these pictures, silently distant but also deeply musical and intimate, are the gestures and movements of the performers, and their power to convey the emotion of the music to the observer.

Because of the lack of a real contact between the photographer and his subject, Marco Anelli chooses to reconstruct this relation by collecting the  images and letting the meaning of the interpretation come out by itself.

As Giovanna Calvenzi wrote: ‘The gestures of the musicians have become the focus of his visual inquiry and the performers, their faces, their bodies – even if present – almost move into the background. Anelli mainly observes the gestures, those intense, measured movements capable of bringing the emotion of the music out of a score.’

OPENING: Saturday February 1st – 11:30 am

Cinecittàdue Arte Contemporanea Gallery
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00173 Roma – ITALY
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