Personal Catalogues

2022 TINO, Nivola in America

Silvana Editoriale and Magazzino Italian Art

Editorial project on Costantino Nivola’s sculptures scattered in public places throughout the US, with particular focus on New York City.

Texts by Stefano Salis, Kevin Moore, and Vittorio Calabrese.


2021 Portraits in the presence of Marina Abramovic

Damiani Publisher

This 2021 remastered edition includes the 1545 portraits of the participants in The Artist is Present (MoMA, New York 2010) and features a new editing, book design plus a portfolio of unpublished photographs of the performance and its backstage.

Texts by Marina Abramovic, Klaus Biesenbach and Chrissie Iles


2020 Artist Studios New York

Damiani Publisher

Editorial project that explores the New York studios of the major protagonists in contemporary art scene.
Some of the artists included: Alex Katz, Cecily Brown, Elizabeth Peyton, Francesco Clemente, Jack Pierson, Joan Jonas, John Giorno, Joyce Pensato, Julian Schnabel, Julie Mehretu, Kiki Smith, Lawrence Weiner, Marina Abramovicć, Matthew Barney, Nate Lowman, Pat Steir, Rashid Johnson, Robert Longo, Tony Oursler, Ugo Rondinone, Urs Fischer, Vik Muniz.

Texts by Chrissie Iles and Sean Corcoran


2017 Marco Anelli Building Magazzino

Skira/Rizzoli Publisher

The three year-long construction of Magazzino Italian Art. The photographs document, season after season, the transformation of an ex industrial building into an art space that exhibits an extensive collection of Italian Arte Povera. The images include the architecture as well as the construction workers portrayed throughout the building phases.
Texts by Manuel Blanco, Alberto Campo Baeza, Marvin Heiferman, Miguel Quismondo, Vittorio Calabrese, Nancy Olnick and Giorgio Spanu. The book design is by Beatriz Cifuentes.


2012 Portraits in the presence of Marina Abramovic

Damiani Publisher

The many different emotional interactions between Marina Abramovic and the public, during The Artist is Present at the MoMA, New York. The volume collects 1,545 portraits of the visitors who took part in the performance sitting silently in front of the artist.
Texts by Marina Abramovic, Klaus Biesenbach and Chrissie Iles


2011 Gesti dell'Anima - Gestures of the Spirit

Peliti Associati Publisher

The greatest interpreters of classical music and their gestures photographed during  the rehearsals at Santa Cecilia National Academy. The book collects 187 images that articulate the music as seen through the expressions of its conductors, soloists and musicians.
Text by Giovanna Calvenzi


2010 All'Ombra del Duomo - In the Shade of the Cathedral

Contrasto Publisher

The temporary presence and height of the scaffold offered a unique point of view on Milan’s Cathedral. The photographs, taken in different seasons through the years, depict the many different elements and the complexity of its architecture.
Texts by Boito, Capuana, Dickens, Guareschi, Hemingway, James, Manzoni, Marinetti, Melville, Savinio, Stendhal, Twain, Verga, Wordsworth, …


2007 Nella Luce

Silvana Publisher

A collection of 38 black&white photographs of natural elements, result of a research on printing techniques in the dark room where the  analysis focused on the different effects of light.
Texts by Grazia Neri and Roberto Mutti



2004 La Musica Immaginata - Imagined Music

Federico Motta Publisher

A five years-long photographic campaign commissioned by Santa Cecilia National Academy, where the greatest classical music conductors and players were portrayed in the empty concert hall during the rehearsals.

Texts by Bruno Cagli and Gabriel Bauret





2004 Pallacorda

Skira Publisher

World’s top players photographed at the Pallacorda tennis stadium during Telecom Italia Masters in 2003. The athletic action is juxtaposed with the stillness of the surrounding statues, in a comparison between present and past.
Texts by Giampiero Mughini and Grazia Neri





2002 Il Calcio - Soccer

Federico Motta Publisher

A photographic account on soccer and its protagonists in major Italian stadiums. The players’ action, their strength and energy are mixed with the tension of the crucial moments of the game.
Text by Giovanna Calvenzi and Lucio Dalla
 * Fuji Award 2000 * Canon Award 2001





1999 La Pietra e il Tempo - Stone Through Time

Silvana Editoriale Publisher

Editorial project on the restoration of the facade of St. Peter  basilica in the Vatican. Mimmo Jodice and Olivo Barbieri also participated in the photographic project.
Text by Italo Zannier





1998 L'Ombra e la Luce - Shadow and Light

Silvana Editoriale Publisher

The interior and the sculptures of St. Peter in the Vatican photographed exclusively in the natural light of the empty Basilica on its closure day. The project evolved over a two-year period and was followed by a study of the printing techniques in the dark room.
Text by Alfredo Maria Pergolizzi
* Orvieto Photography Award


Catalogues Commissioned

2006 Cave - Quarries

Silvana Editoriale Publisher

Two trips to similar but different places. Marco Anelli documented the quarries in North Italy whereas those in the South were photographed by Stefania Beretta.
Text by Giovanna Calvenzi


2005 La Fiera dei Primati


A photographic campaign on the new Milan Fair designed by Massimiliano Fuksas architect.
Text by Roberto Bencivenga and Francesco Marzullo


2003 Time Flies - PZEROPhoto

Federico Motta Publisher

Series of photographs of Pirelli’s PZERO clothing and watches line. Alberto Giuliani and Lorenzo Castore also contributed to this photographic project.
Texts by Gianluigi Colin and Giusi Ferrè


2001 Rome – Abitare

Editrice Abitare Segesta

Photographic report on the most representative districts of Rome carried out exclusively for Abitare.


1997 I Santi Fondatori nella Basilica Vaticana

Franco Cosimo Panini Publisher

Series of photos of the 39 statues of the Founding Saints in St. Peter’s Basilica.
Text by Cardinal Vicar Virgilio Noè